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Is it time to upgrade your garden furniture?

Posted on January 12, 2021 by Rachael
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Many people use their garden as an extension of their indoor living space and spend a substantial amount of money on garden furniture and other garden features. The range of garden furniture items for sale is vast ranging from small two-person bistro sets to sofa sets capable of seating eight to ten people. When you want to replace your existing furniture, it is important to think about how you and your family use the outdoor space and buy items that will be useful. If you like to eat outside on a regular basis it may be worth buying a dining set with a table and chairs whereas if you tend to sit outside to relax, more comfortable seating may be a better choice. Some garden sets come with a central table that converts to a firepit. This is especially useful if you like to sit... Read More

Covering your hot tub with a gazebo

Posted on December 30, 2020 by Rachael
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More and more people have installed a hot tub in their garden this year whether it be an inflatable type or the more expensive rigid sort as they attempt to bring a bit of relaxation and enjoyment into their gardens. Positioning the hot tub needs to be thought about carefully as once filled with water it cannot be moved without emptying it out again, so it is sensible to measure the area you intend to use and ensure that it is large enough for the tub. There is a great deal of debate on social media sites for hot tub owners about whether to house a hot tub inside or outside and if outside whether to cover it with a gazebo. Some people feel that to enjoy the tub all year round it needs to be inside whereas others insist that being able to relax in the hot water whilst looking up at the... Read More

How Can You Use Wrought Iron Gates for your Home?

Posted on December 29, 2020 by Zack
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Installing wrought iron gates could be the perfect solution for a wide range of homes, of any style or size. If you have an outdoor area, however large or small. wrought iron gates will not go out of style, will always look good, will add kerb appeal, and will be a low maintenance option. They are also very good value for money and you can very much get your money’s worth when investing in them. When considering how to use wrought iron metal gates, it is important to first think about how you will use them, and how you will get the most from them. This guide will give you ideas to help you work out how gates can benefit you, and how wrought iron gates might work as well. Choosing Wrought Iron Gates: What are your Options? The great thing about wrought iron gates is their... Read More

How to turn your garden in to a winter wonderland

Posted on November 05, 2020 by Rachael
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So many of us are upset that we are having to miss out on a number of special events that we may usually attend such as bonfire night, Christmas light switch on and Christmas markets. After the year we have all had we really could do with some Christmas cheer, but it seems that it is unlikely that there are going to be any major events in the run up to the big day. Why not invest the money you would have spent on days out around Christmas into decorations? Decorations really can brighten a place up and help you to start feeling Christmassy. There are a number of places you can get decorations from and if you do not want to venture out in to the shops then you can order almost anything online through places such as Amazon. When buying Christmas decs you do need to think about where... Read More

Brighten up your garden for the winter

Posted on October 15, 2020 by Rachael
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During the spring and summer, it is fairly easy to brighten up your garden and add a splash of colour. You can plant some beautiful flowers of all different colours to instantly add that brightness to your garden. As the months pass and autumn and winter start to set in, the flowers often start to die off and the ones that do remain are often mostly green. It is nice to keep colour in your garden all year round if possible, as bright colours are said to help make us feel happy. A new fad that has grown in popularity of the last few years is rock painting. People collect or buy rocks and paint markers and then paint rocks to look like insects, characters from a film or book or with inspiring quotes or words on. You can literally paint what you ant on them and some people get extremely... Read More