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Outdoor Living Made Easier with Garden Awnings

Posted on April 06, 2020 by admin
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Improving your Living Space with a Glass Room Extension Moving home is difficult and expensive – not something that every family wants, or is able to afford. The current trend in the housing market is to improve existing homes, rather than to buy and move into new ones. More living space is very valuable and a glass room extension can provide an additional room to use for the whole family. Why choose to move home when you can make the one you already have more beautiful, more spacious and more modern? What is a glass room extension and how does it add to your home? A glass room can be used to extend your existing home with glass, creating a bright and modern room that doesn’t feel like the rest of the home. It’s different in that you’ll have panoramic views of the garden... Read More

Tips for Caring for Succulents

Posted on December 31, 2019 by admin
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Succulents are similar to cacti in many ways but they can be a lot more temperamental too. A succulent can go from being very healthy and happy one minute, to withering the next. They need the right kind of care to keep them happy and healthy in the long term. Firstly, succulents need to get enough sunlight. Without it, they won’t be able to grow strong and healthy. Position them somewhere with around 6 hours of direct sunshine a day (though younger plants may need a little less). You should also rotate them often so that all sides of the plant get enough sunlight and warmth. Water succulents more in summer, and be careful the water is going directly into the soil. Some plants will be greener and healthier if misted with water, but not succulents – leaves can rot and... Read More

Building your Own Gazebos and Structures

Posted on September 23, 2019 by admin
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Gazebos and structures can be bought to place in your garden, creating an attractive focal point for the surrounding areas. There is also the option to build a gazebo or similar structure, such as a pagoda or shelter, which will give you more freedom to choose the appearance. It can also save you money, as buying a ready-made product will usually cost more due to production costs being higher. Gazebos are available in kit form so that you’ll have all the parts you need to get started. If you are feeling more ambitious, you could build a gazebo or pagoda from loose pieces of wood that you have selected, or even chopped yourself. This will be much more labour intensive and the wood might need sanding and shaping. Buying a kit is the easiest option and will still help you to make... Read More

Choosing Patio Awnings to Suit Smaller Properties

Posted on August 21, 2019 by admin
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Patio awnings can be a perfect addition to properties of any size, offering style, shade and comfort in the vicinity of your own home. By installing a patio awning, you can increase your access to outdoor space and improve your way of life, with a simple adjustment that won’t be labour intensive. For people with smaller properties, an awning might seem out of the question. But this doesn’t have to be the case at all, as awnings can be suitable for properties of all shapes and sizes. There are various sizes and designs that make them suitable for smaller homes, so that they can provide some additional shade and help upgrade the outdoor areas without you having to compromise and give up too much of your precious outdoor space. One of the most convenient types of awning to choose... Read More

Decking Kits – a Simple Solution

Posted on May 16, 2019 by admin
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Decking kits are often used to install decking in a garden or courtyard, giving you everything you need to complete the installation successfully. They can make it easier for you to get decking without requiring professional installation, especially if you have prior experience of installation. However, you would also need to have adequate experience of DIY installation, or you might struggle even with the use of a decking kit. One of the best things about a decking kit is that it gives you everything you need for the installation. This include decking boards, fixings and anything additional you need like railings. You won’t have to spend the time working out exactly what you need, and you won’t have to choose a specific type of decking board with no guidance –... Read More