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Hedging or fencing which is right for your garden?

Posted on August 23, 2021 by Rachael
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The majority of properties with a garden in the UK have a fence or hedge separating them from neighbouring properties around them. This may be the standard larch lap fencing, or it may be a hedge of privet but choosing the best option for you in terms of maintenance and appearance may make you decide to change it. Often people choose fencing over hedging because of the need to prune the hedge at regular intervals which means having to purchase a hedge trimmer or employ a gardener to prune the hedge for you. Disposing of the hedge trimmings can be a problem if you do not have the means to transport them to a local recycling centre or do not have a kerbside collection service for garden waste. Although fencing does still require some maintenance such as painting this will only need... Read More

Eco Friendly Railway Sleepers for Gardens

Posted on August 17, 2021 by Zack
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Looking for more eco friendly ways to live is par for the course with many people. Now, we know how important it is to preserve the environment and we have many ways of doing it, with eco friendly and sustainable products available in all walks of life. Gardens and outdoor spaces are no different, which is why eco friendly railway sleepers are catching on as a new trend. There are generally two categories of eco friendly sleepers: those that have been reclaimed, and those that have been sustainably sourced and treated using environmentally friendly materials. Both are to good choices and having two distinct options will give you a greater amount of choice when completing your garden project using sleepers. Sleepers can be used to create a whole host of garden features. From flower... Read More

Use solar lighting to enhance your outdoor space

Posted on July 15, 2021 by Rachael
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There are so many different types of solar lighting on the market at present it is difficult to know which ones to choose but before buying any it is important to think about the effect you are trying to create whether it be a subdued, relaxed vibe, a magical feel to the space or a party atmosphere there are lights out there to make it happen. If you would like to create an impression of serenity and calm then choosing warm white lighting is best. This can be a combination of string lights along a fence or wall and single lights hung from trees and shrubs. Solar lanterns look attractive on outdoor tables and are a safer alternative to candles and oil lamps when there are young children present. Coloured lighting produces a different effect in a garden and with the newer pastel... Read More

What Makes Quality Topsoil in Northampton?

Posted on July 13, 2021 by Zack
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Topsoil makes soil better quality and helps you create a thriving, happy and healthy garden. Buying quality topsoil in Northampton means finding a reliable local supplier who can sell you the topsoil you need – in the quantity you require as well, as domestic customers will require significantly less than a commercial or business customer. If you are a Northampton customer looking for topsoil, your needs can be met when you find the right supplier. Soil can be a heavy, cumbersome material to transport, so finding a local supplier is usually the best option. A specialist Northampton supplier of topsoil is a good find for all your future needs. When buying topsoil, it is about much more than convenience. Don’t forget that topsoil has a purpose to fulfil and will need to... Read More

Garden entertaining in unpredictable weathers

Posted on June 29, 2021 by Rachael
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As anyone who lives in the UK will know the weather in the summertime can de very unpredictable. Some days may be hot and sunny, but some may be cloudy and rainy with the temperature changing be several degrees within a day or two. If you enjoy entertaining guests in the garden then you will need to be mindful of this when planning your event and preparing your garden. Whether the weather is hot or rainy a installing a gazebo is a useful way to provide shade or shelter for your guests. They can be easily erected in about half an hour either on a lawn using pegs into the ground to secure it or on a patio area where it will need to be secured by tying it to railings or a fence. Some gazebos have curtained sides that provide additional protection from the elements. Should your event... Read More