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The best garden furniture for small spaces

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Rachael
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Many of us regard our gardens as an extension of our indoor living space and love throwing open the patio doors onto an outdoor area that is bedecked with comfortable seating, ambient lighting and tasteful ornaments and candles. It does not matter if the outside space is small as long as all the available space is used to the best possible effect. When choosing garden furniture for a small garden or patio it is a good idea to also think about storage. Some furniture sets can be slotted together when not in use so that they take up less space and some come with storage for cushions beneath a table which saves having to take the seat cushions into the house after each use. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you should have a small furniture set when you only have a small space... Read More

Water features for the modern garden

Posted on April 11, 2022 by Rachael
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Many people think that having a water feature of some type in their garden is only for those with large gardens, but the good news is that a small water feature adds interest to even the smallest outdoor space. A water feature is easy to install as long as there is a power supply outside unless the feature is solar powered. If your garden has lots of contemporary elements to it you may not want a traditional barrel water feature as this would look out of place, but garden centres have lots of more modern types available. Many of these consist of either a spherical stone which has water bubbling out of the top or a collection of upright shaped blocks each releasing water from the top into a receptacle at the base. These can look very stylish on a modern patio and provide a focal point... Read More

Are Oak Beams Worth The Investment?

Posted on April 05, 2022 by admin
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When making any building improvements to your property it is likely you will need to consider what type of beams you are going to use for your frame. Sometimes these can be covered or left on show, that choice is up to you. But, what materials are the best for these beams? The material we want to focus on is Oak. Oak beams are one of the high-end materials that you can choose. But let’s have a deeper look into whether they are going to be worth this investment. The Benefits First up, let’s have a look into the benefits you are likely to receive when choosing to make the investment in oak beams. One of the main benefits you are likely to receive when making this investment is the lifespan of the beam. Due to the high-quality oak that is being used for these beams, you are... Read More

All About Natural Turf

Posted on April 01, 2022 by admin
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When looking to purchase turf, you are met with two options. Natural turf or artificial turf. Deciding which option is right for your property can be challenging as you are met with opinions from different suppliers and people in your life, as well as the well-known benefits and disadvantages of each style. Rather than focusing on comparing the two options, let’s focus on delving deeper into the world of natural turf. What benefits it’s going to bring, any disadvantages, and choosing the right supplier. The Benefits When choosing natural turf Peterborough, you are going to be happy with the number of benefits you are likely to receive. Some of these include improving the air quality, natural-looking and feeling, and improving mental states. Natural turf helps to improve... Read More

How to Successfully Grow Lily Bulbs

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Zack
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Growing lilies bulbs is very rewarding and you will be presented with some beautiful blooms later on in the year. While lilies do not always flower for a long time, they will often be some of the most beautiful and ornate flowers in a garden, attracting lots of attention, especially as they come in a wide array of colours. Lilies are a real statement flower that you will be able to enjoy year after year, with different splashes of colour added to your garden. If you order lily bulbs, they will usually be sent out to you early on in the year. They should be planted quickly after they arrive if the weather allows you to do so, as this will give you the very best results. Your lilies are going to need rich soil that is well draining in order to grow healthily. Here is how you should... Read More