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Are Oak Beams Worth The Investment?

When making any building improvements to your property it is likely you will need to consider what type of beams you are going to use for your frame. Sometimes these can be covered or left on show, that choice is up to you. But, what materials are the best for these beams?

The material we want to focus on is Oak. Oak beams are one of the high-end materials that you can choose. But let’s have a deeper look into whether they are going to be worth this investment.

The Benefits

First up, let’s have a look into the benefits you are likely to receive when choosing to make the investment in oak beams.

One of the main benefits you are likely to receive when making this investment is the lifespan of the beam. Due to the high-quality oak that is being used for these beams, you are going to receive a beam that is likely to be longer-lasting.

Another benefit of oak beams is their strength. With some beam materials, they are not built to last like oak is. Of course, this is shown in the price that you pay. But you will find they last longer due to their strength and unlikeliness to break easily.

The final benefit we want to share is how they look. When making this investment, some people want to have them on display. If this is you, you will be happy to know that they do look presentable, unlike some cheaper alternatives. You are able to treat and stain them so they look impressive when being left on show and not covered like beams are normally.

The Disadvantages

Of course, when it comes to investing in oak beams there are going to be some disadvantages. The main one that can discourage people to make an investment is the price. Oak beams are not the cheapest on the market, they are higher priced. But this is due to all the benefits you are going to receive when choosing to make this investment. You are paying for the quality of the material. A lower-priced material is more likely to need replacing and show signs of wear and tear sooner. A higher priced material like oak will have a longer lifespan.

Of course, some people do not have the budget to invest in the best oak out there. But if it is within your budget, we will always recommend that oak beams are the investment you decide to make.

It can be challenging to make this decision. But take the time to way up the pros and cons of this material. Deciding to invest in oak beams will bring you the many benefits that we listed above. We do believe it is going to be worthwhile. With it being able to hold more due to it being stronger, its lifespan is much longer making it an investment that is going to be long lasting.