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Brighten up your garden for the winter

During the spring and summer, it is fairly easy to brighten up your garden and add a splash of colour. You can plant some beautiful flowers of all different colours to instantly add that brightness to your garden. As the months pass and autumn and winter start to set in, the flowers often start to die off and the ones that do remain are often mostly green. It is nice to keep colour in your garden all year round if possible, as bright colours are said to help make us feel happy.

A new fad that has grown in popularity of the last few years is rock painting. People collect or buy rocks and paint markers and then paint rocks to look like insects, characters from a film or book or with inspiring quotes or words on. You can literally paint what you ant on them and some people get extremely creative. This is a great project for kids to get involved in to and if you buy the paint pens rather than acrylic paints, it is a lot less messy too.

Once you have decorated all your rocks you can then start to spread them out throughout your garden or incorporate them in to a rockery to brighten it up.