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Building your Own Gazebos and Structures

Gazebos and structures can be bought to place in your garden, creating an attractive focal point for the surrounding areas. There is also the option to build a gazebo or similar structure, such as a pagoda or shelter, which will give you more freedom to choose the appearance. It can also save you money, as buying a ready-made product will usually cost more due to production costs being higher.

Gazebos are available in kit form so that you’ll have all the parts you need to get started. If you are feeling more ambitious, you could build a gazebo or pagoda from loose pieces of wood that you have selected, or even chopped yourself. This will be much more labour intensive and the wood might need sanding and shaping. Buying a kit is the easiest option and will still help you to make significant cost savings. Choose the type of timber you want, place your order and you’re ready to go.