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The best garden furniture for small spaces

Many of us regard our gardens as an extension of our indoor living space and love throwing open the patio doors onto an outdoor area that is bedecked with comfortable seating, ambient lighting and tasteful ornaments and candles. It does not matter if the outside space is small as long as all the available space is used to the best possible effect. When choosing garden... Read More


Protect your garden furniture this winter

The cost of garden furniture has risen in recent years and so it is important to look after any garden furniture items that you have so that they will give you years of enjoyment. The best way to prevent garden furniture from deteriorating is to pack it away in a garden shed or outbuilding where it will be protected from the elements however this is not always an option... Read More


Spruce up that old metal garden bench

A garden bench is a useful piece of garden furniture to have in the garden as it can stay outside in all weathers and is great if you have not got a large space for other sorts of garden furniture. They can however start to look shabby after a few years if they have not had any maintenance, but it does not take long to revitalise an old metal garden bench and give it a new... Read More


Is it time to upgrade your garden furniture?

Many people use their garden as an extension of their indoor living space and spend a substantial amount of money on garden furniture and other garden features. The range of garden furniture items for sale is vast ranging from small two-person bistro sets to sofa sets capable of seating eight to ten people. When you want to replace your existing furniture, it is important... Read More


The Style Design of your New Garden Fence

Making the most of your garden fencing is important for any homeowner; the fencing you choose makes a good (or bad!) impression whenever anybody sees your home. Wouldn’t you like to be that one neighbour whose fencing is always perfect, and whose home is known in the neighbourhood for being pristine? You can be, and one of the major steps in the right direction is... Read More