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The Style Design of your New Garden Fence

Making the most of your garden fencing is important for any homeowner; the fencing you choose makes a good (or bad!) impression whenever anybody sees your home. Wouldn’t you like to be that one neighbour whose fencing is always perfect, and whose home is known in the neighbourhood for being pristine? You can be, and one of the major steps in the right direction is... Read More


What are Fixed Canopies and Why Should you have Them?

Fixed canopies are cover systems that are installed outside a home. They usually cover over a patio or seating area, perhaps over some decking as well. There are many benefits associated with having a fixed canopy system outside your home, or perhaps even your business. These are some of the main things you need to know. What exactly is a fixed canopy system?  A fixed canopy... Read More


Building your Own Garden Gazebo

A gazebo can be a wonderful touch in a garden, making it feel more homely and adding to its appearance. It could be easier to build one than you might think. You can buy the parts separately or, if you want the most comprehensive and easy to build option, choose a gazebo kit. This will come with everything you need to put your gazebo together. Here is a basic overview of what... Read More


The Different Kinds Of Patio Awnings

Restaurant patio awnings make the perfect provider of shade for your customers. There are lots of colours and styles to choose from, and many come with handy features. The purpose of the awning is to offer shade from the sun and allow some protection from the wind. They look great over a patio area.If you are adding patio covers to a restaurant or business, you should choose... Read More


Rattan Wicker Patio and Conservatory Furniture

A great addition to your garden for the summer, is the Rattan Wicker Patio and Conservatory Furniture. The design is lightweight and stylish,¬†made from durable fully weatherproof PE rattan that’s maintenance free all year round; it’s easy to clean and can be wiped down without a problem. The set can even be left outside and will weather very well in most weather... Read More