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The Different Kinds Of Patio Awnings

Restaurant patio awnings make the perfect provider of shade for your customers. There are lots of colours and styles to choose from, and many come with handy features. The purpose of the awning is to offer shade from the sun and allow some protection from the wind. They look great over a patio area.If you are adding patio covers to a restaurant or business, you should choose... Read More


Rattan Wicker Patio and Conservatory Furniture

A great addition to your garden for the summer, is the Rattan Wicker Patio and Conservatory Furniture. The design is lightweight and stylish, made from durable fully weatherproof PE rattan that’s maintenance free all year round; it’s easy to clean and can be wiped down without a problem. The set can even be left outside and will weather very well in most weather... Read More


Plant Box Style Fish Pond For Your Garden

Lots of people have a plant box feature that runs along side the garden fence for the length of the garden, or a series of plant box areas. This is fine if you have the time to maintain them all, and keep them looking great; not always possible during the winter season though. How about building up a featured area along the side of your garden fence instead? Just picture in... Read More


Patio Seating Area For Your Garden

If not already, it might be worth getting a nice patio seating area for your garden patio. Normally you would get something that is temporary and can easily be folded down and stored away in a shed/storage space when not required during winter months. Though with temporary sets don’t get the cheap tacky plastic sets; they don’t weather well and the plastic... Read More


Guide To Metal Garden Furniture

Now is the time to be out and about in your garden (if you don’t have one then this article may not apply to you although you should still be outside enjoying the beautiful weather). We discussed in a previous article a guide to wooden furniture so here is one for metal furniture. the first benefit to metal furniture is it is able to last through varying weather... Read More