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Improving a garden by Installing a pond

If you want to improve your garden, consider building a garden pond. It is not only an attractive addition but can also be an interesting hobby as it will involve time spent maintaining the water quality and caring for the fish. The first thing to decide is the size and shape of your pond. If your garden is small, then obviously a small pond would be better whereas a... Read More


How to Buy Topsoil in Northampton

Topsoil is the top layer of soil that is very important – with a number of rich nutrients, organic matter, and other important qualities for healthy plants, it is a necessity. For green fingered Northampton residents, there are various options for buying topsoil – you can buy it online, from a garden centre or from another local supplier. The topsoil Northampton... Read More


Pressure Washing your Patio – or is it Time for a New One?

A patio will be a high traffic outdoor area that builds up a great deal of dirt and debris over time. If you want a cleaner patio, you can consider pressure washing it to achieve a better result than simply cleaning it. However, pressure washing will only remove a certain amount of dirt; if it has become ingrained, or if the patio itself has become damaged, you may simply... Read More


Outdoor Living Made Easier with Garden Awnings

Improving your Living Space with a Glass Room Extension Moving home is difficult and expensive – not something that every family wants, or is able to afford. The current trend in the housing market is to improve existing homes, rather than to buy and move into new ones. More living space is very valuable and a glass room extension can provide an additional room to use... Read More


Tips for Caring for Succulents

Succulents are similar to cacti in many ways but they can be a lot more temperamental too. A succulent can go from being very healthy and happy one minute, to withering the next. They need the right kind of care to keep them happy and healthy in the long term. Firstly, succulents need to get enough sunlight. Without it, they won’t be able to grow strong and healthy.... Read More