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Choosing Patio Awnings to Suit Smaller Properties

Patio awnings can be a perfect addition to properties of any size, offering style, shade and comfort in the vicinity of your own home. By installing a patio awning, you can increase your access to outdoor space and improve your way of life, with a simple adjustment that won’t be labour intensive. For people with smaller properties, an awning might seem out of the question. But this doesn’t have to be the case at all, as awnings can be suitable for properties of all shapes and sizes. There are various sizes and designs that make them suitable for smaller homes, so that they can provide some additional shade and help upgrade the outdoor areas without you having to compromise and give up too much of your precious outdoor space.

One of the most convenient types of awning to choose for a smaller property is a retractable awning. This will roll inwards and outwards so that you can choose when to use your awning. If you want to make the most of your garden and sit in the sun, you can retract your awning and it will sit snugly in its casing against the side of your house. If you want to have some additional shade, or you want some protection from the weather, then you can bring your awning out and enjoy it on your patio. This will give you the versatility you need when you are shopping for garden products for a smaller property. You can use your patio in any way you want. 

Choosing the look and feel of your awning

If you only have a small garden, a patio awning needs to complement this space. You should choose colours that work with your garden but that also make it look more spacious – lighter, brighter colours usually work best. If you choose darker fabrics, this can make your garden feel smaller and it might not provide such good views when you are sitting underneath it. Creams, pastel colours and more will all work very well with a smaller garden or yard.

An awning doesn’t have to cover the whole of your patio, either. You can choose to have a smaller awning size, or if you prefer, you can choose some kind of large umbrella. This will allow you to put it up or down depending on how you want to use your space on that particular day. However, an awning is always going to be the most premium version by far and would be the choice of most discerning homeowners who want to make the most of their properties.

The best way to work out what kind of awning would suit your property is to contact a supplier and get a consultation. They can tell you what would fit into the space you have and can create drawings to make sure you can get the right sized awning for a smaller patio. They can show you all the different colours available to give you a good idea of how your awning will look in the flesh.