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Covering your hot tub with a gazebo

More and more people have installed a hot tub in their garden this year whether it be an inflatable type or the more expensive rigid sort as they attempt to bring a bit of relaxation and enjoyment into their gardens. Positioning the hot tub needs to be thought about carefully as once filled with water it cannot be moved without emptying it out again, so it is sensible to measure the area you intend to use and ensure that it is large enough for the tub.

There is a great deal of debate on social media sites for hot tub owners about whether to house a hot tub inside or outside and if outside whether to cover it with a gazebo. Some people feel that to enjoy the tub all year round it needs to be inside whereas others insist that being able to relax in the hot water whilst looking up at the stars is one of the highlights of owning a hot tub.

Having a gazebo over a hot tub may be a good idea to protect it from the elements as extreme sunlight can make inflatable tubs over expand causing damage to the liner. On hot, sunny days a gazebo also offers shade to the occupants thus preventing sunburn. This is particularly important if children are using the hot tub as they may be unaware of the strength of the sun.