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Creating a New Lawn With Quality Turf in Rugby

When creating a quality lawn, you need quality turf – and a few other components as well to make sure you get the best, most long lasting result. Quality turf in Rugby really is the key to making a local lawn a success, as you don’t want your turf to have to travel too far, or it will dry out and become damaged on the journey. It is essential to choose quality turf in the first place, as well, to make sure it will thrive once laid. This is often easier said than done and checking the nursery where the turf came from, verifying the supplier, and various other essential tasks need to take place to make sure the turf will be the right choice for creating a beautiful new lawn.

Everyone dreams of having a luscious, green lawn. It is very much an attainable dream, but it does take some work, and one of the most important elements is that the turf needs to be the right quality in the first place. The turf does also needs to be the right type because there are different types that are better suited to different environments. For example, a general type of turf might be sufficient for most lawns, but if the lawn is very shady, then a shade tolerant type of turf will be a better choice. Turf suppliers in Rugby should be able to supply different types of turf so you can get exactly what you need for your domestic lawn – and for a commercial lawn as well for that matter. There are types of turf that will also be very hardy and can tolerate higher footfall than generalised turf types, so they can be laid in commercial places.

Choosing a Turf Supplier in Rugby

The initial quality of the turf is the most important thing. Finding a supplier that sources their turf from a well-known nursery is essential, as is verifying this to make sure quality will be high.

After this, timing is everything. The turf needs to be fresh and should always be delivered to you whilst still fresh, in rolls so it can be laid easily and quickly. Some turf suppliers will have specialist vehicles where they can keep the turf at a low temperature and keep it well hydrated as well. Ask about transportation and how the turf will be arriving with you so you know how committed the supplier is to quality.

What Else Do You Need to Create a Beautiful Lawn in Rugby?

The quality of the turf is the most important element for getting a high-quality, beautifully green lawn. There are other factors that matter as well, though. The soil needs to be considered – if it is too low quality, it might not be suitable for laying new turf. You can also purchase new soil mixes and upgrade your soil at the same time if needed. Some new build properties will have low quality soil, so it is always worth checking. You can also get seed and fertiliser to refresh your lawn as needed.