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How Can You Use Wrought Iron Gates for your Home?

Installing wrought iron gates could be the perfect solution for a wide range of homes, of any style or size. If you have an outdoor area, however large or small. wrought iron gates will not go out of style, will always look good, will add kerb appeal, and will be a low maintenance option. They are also very good value for money and you can very much get your money’s worth when investing in them. When considering how to use wrought iron metal gates, it is important to first think about how you will use them, and how you will get the most from them. This guide will give you ideas to help you work out how gates can benefit you, and how wrought iron gates might work as well.

Choosing Wrought Iron Gates: What are your Options?

The great thing about wrought iron gates is their versatility. They can be used for homes and businesses, as pedestrian gates, gates for various entryways, and as highly decorative gates as well. If you are interested in having wrought iron gates for your home, these are the main options that can help you control access and boost kerb appeal.

Wrought Iron Garden Gates

Garden gates made from wrought iron are stylish and smart, with a sophisticated and timeless look. If you have an entrance into a garden, this needs to be secured as well as it will give indirect access into your home. Wrought iron gates come in a variety of heights so if you want a taller gate, or a short gate for a small wall, the choice is entirely yours. There are many different widths available as standard and if you can’t find what you need then custom made garden gates are available from suppliers. You can select from a lot of different designs, with infill panels and gothic arched tops, to simpler designs with ball top finials.

Wrought Iron Side Gates

Similar to garden gates, but usually taller to control access to the side of the home, there will be a wide range of choices for people looking for wrought iron side gates. The more decorative gates have arch and bow tops, and decorative scrolls. There are also options with finials which, while decorative (fleur de lys options are very popular) will also help to make the gate anti climb.

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

Driveway gates usually come as a double gate, which is shut over the driveway to give a secure entryway and control access when parking. Classic gates around 3ft high can be used to block off a driveway, while taller gates up to around 12ft will give a greater degree of security and make the driveway and home harder to access.

Wrought Iron Estate Gates

Estate gates are highly elegant, closing across a driveway or another property entrance. Similar to driveway gates, they are generally taller and designed for longer drives and bigger properties, or perhaps for sectioning off a particular part of a larger estate.