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Making a shady spot in a sunny garden

If you are fortunate enough to have a south facing garden you will be aware that having the sun shining on the garden during the hottest part of the day can be a blessing and a curse. The intense heat during a sunny afternoon can mean that you either have to go indoors or try to find a shady place somewhere in the garden. There are solutions to this problem and depending on your preference they can be permanent or temporary.

A permanent fix is to plant a tree or two in the garden to provide shade. The issue is that they will take time to grow and get established so it may be that this is a long-term answer to this problem. Another more lasting solution is to build a structure of some sort to give some shade in a sunny garden. This may be a gazebo with a solid roof or a more open structure with plants growing over the roof struts. The latter is an attractive addition to any garden especially if covered with sweet smelling honeysuckle or a rambling rose.

If a more temporary shade is needed then an awning or parasol may be more suitable. Large sun sails are becoming a popular feature in many gardens and as long as the garden is sheltered from strong winds these should provide the shade you need.