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Improving your Living Space with a Glass Room Extension

Moving home is difficult and expensive – not something that every family wants, or is able to afford. The current trend in the housing market is to improve existing homes, rather than to buy and move into new ones. More living space is very valuable and a glass room extension can provide an additional room to use for the whole family. Why choose to move home when you can make the one you already have more beautiful, more spacious and more modern?

What is a glass room extension and how does it add to your home? A glass room can be used to extend your existing home with glass, creating a bright and modern room that doesn’t feel like the rest of the home. It’s different in that you’ll have panoramic views of the garden and it will feel more like being outside, but you’ll have the warmth and protection of being indoors as well. This means it’s not quite like any other type of home extension, including a conservatory or orangery – there is more glass and the panes are joined almost seamlessly together. You’ll have the same stunning views from all angles, which is why it feels more like being outside than inside.

How can a glass room extension help to improve your day to day life?

Many people feel that extended living space would be a great luxury, but it’s more than that – it can actually change your way of life and become a space that makes you feel calmer, more relaxed and happier on a day to day basis. Never underestimate how much an extension can improve your home and your general happiness whilst living there. A glass room extension is a special type of extension and includes all the things that are known to make us more content – natural light, more space, and a greater sense of connection with the outdoors. It can completely transform the way you live.

It will be your choice how you use a glass room, giving you a greater ability to control the way your house is set up. Some people will use it in the same way they might a conservatory, as an additional sitting area that’s perfect for enjoying the sun. Some people prefer to keep the space free from clutter, as a room to sit and read and enjoy watching the world go by. A glass room can also make an excellent dining space. Some families choose to use theirs as a breakfast room, and others will use theirs as more of a space for entertaining – it’s the ideal setup for friends and family to use.

There are various extras you can consider when installing a glass room onto your home, including heating, lighting, sliding doors, guttering, and more. Your installation expert will talk to you about these and let you know the different options you can pick. This will help you make your glass room a more personalised type of extension, built around the needs and preferences of you and your family.