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The Style Design of your New Garden Fence

Posted on January 16, 2019 by admin
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Making the most of your garden fencing is important for any homeowner; the fencing you choose makes a good (or bad!) impression whenever anybody sees your home. Wouldn’t you like to be that one neighbour whose fencing is always perfect, and whose home is known in the neighbourhood for being pristine? You can be, and one of the major steps in the right direction is sorting out the fencing in your garden. It needs to look new, be strong and sturdy, as the absolute basics, and only then can you begin to think about how it is going to look. Your garden fencing is open to different options depending on your preferences. It doesn’t have to be high cost either. If you know where to source good quality fencing, you can reduce your costs dramatically, You won’t have to pay... Read More

Using the Right Fixings for your New Deck

Posted on September 30, 2018 by Zack
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Installing a deck should be possible for someone who is skilled in DIY – it won’t be the easiest thing you have ever done, but it should be perfectly possible with some good instructions. One of the most important things to bear in mind is the fixings you use. They should be high quality and completely fit for purpose, so that they will hold your decking and railings together in harsh weather conditions, or under the force of people and furniture on the surface. Many decking kits will come with the nuts, bolts and other fixings included. Choose this option if you are not completely sure what you need. If you choose to buy your decking boards separately and make it more of a bespoke project, you will probably need to source the fixings separately as well. Look at decking packs... Read More

Keeping Costs Down When Sourcing Garden Fence Panels

Posted on August 30, 2018 by Zack
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A new fence is the perfect way to uplift your garden and make sure it is well protected. You will need to refresh your fence every once in a while if you are going to make sure it is in the best possible condition and is going to give you everything you need. Sourcing garden fence panels UK is important – once you know where your panels are coming from, then you can make a start on the installation part of the process. Even if you are going to be employing someone to install your garden fence for you, it is still good to source the fence yourself. This keeps costs down because you won’t have to rely on them to choose a product – there might well be a markup for this service. That is, unless they have a trade account with a fencing and timber supplier, in which case it... Read More

Is Composite Decking the Right Option for you?

Posted on May 16, 2018 by Zack
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Composite decking is different to traditional wooden decking because it is made up of different composite materials. Composite decking might be part wood, part recycled wood, as well as other composite materials mixed in to create a versatile, sophisticated decking board that is suitable for use in many different areas. One of the main reasons why people choose composite decking is the maintenance. It won’t get slippy and dangerous over time, and the boards will generally have inbuilt grip to make walking on them safer. You won’t have to do a lot to maintain your decking boards and keep them looking new. Another key reason is sustainability. It is more environmentally friendly to choose a composite option, rather than selecting wood that has to be cut down. Whilst this is a... Read More

Freestanding Awnings and Some of Their Benefits

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Zack
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Awnings, canopies, verandas and patio covers are used to provide shelter to an outdoor area, usually around a home, or potentially in a commercial property where there is outdoor seating. However, it isn’t always practical to fix an awning to a building. You might want it further away from a building, or the walls might not be high enough (for example, if you own a bungalow). Freestanding awnings provide you with a sensible, attractive, highly practical solution. What is a freestanding awning?  Freestanding awnings are in many ways similar to the patio awnings that attach to a building. However, they can stand up on their own, meaning that they don’t need any kind of extra support. You can get freestanding awnings in many different configurations, such as umbrellas that fit... Read More