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Water features for the modern garden

Many people think that having a water feature of some type in their garden is only for those with large gardens, but the good news is that a small water feature adds interest to even the smallest outdoor space. A water feature is easy to install as long as there is a power supply outside unless the feature is solar powered.

If your garden has lots of contemporary elements to it you may not want a traditional barrel water feature as this would look out of place, but garden centres have lots of more modern types available. Many of these consist of either a spherical stone which has water bubbling out of the top or a collection of upright shaped blocks each releasing water from the top into a receptacle at the base. These can look very stylish on a modern patio and provide a focal point for the garden if they are located in a prominent position.

If you have a brick wall in your garden a water feature can be attached to this so that water flows down the wall and into a bowl at the base of the wall to be recycled back up via piping leading to the water feature itself. Some inventive gardeners even design and construct their own feature to get a truly unique item.