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What are Fixed Canopies and Why Should you have Them?

Fixed canopies are cover systems that are installed outside a home. They usually cover over a patio or seating area, perhaps over some decking as well. There are many benefits associated with having a fixed canopy system outside your home, or perhaps even your business. These are some of the main things you need to know.

What exactly is a fixed canopy system? 

A fixed canopy is a system is installed on the edge of a house. It is a weather protection system that is used to give shelter, either from the sun or the rain. They can be made from lots of different materials, such as aluminium, glass, polycarbonate or a different type of metal or plastic. They are solid, giving much more protection than an awning, so whatever material they are made from, they will have a solid roof system. They are designed to be permanent, rather than being retractable, so they won’t have any kind of mechanism with them.

Why is a canopy a good idea? 

Canopies are able to give you protection from the weather by providing shade and shelter. They are an excellent addition to homes during the summer as they will provide protection from the sun – just make sure the canopy gives UV protection so that people won’t get sun burnt underneath it. This is really useful if you are sitting outside and if you are entertaining as well, because people will be able to choose to sit in the sun or the shade as they prefer.

Canopies are also great for use during adverse weather conditions. This could be anything from rain to wind, as the weather is incredibly interchangeable in the UK! It means that if you are sitting out of doors and the weather suddenly becomes worse, you won’t have to move indoors. This can be especially good if you are cooking food or having a BBQ, as you will be able to continue doing this whilst you are out of doors.

A canopy makes your outdoor space more usable. You won’t just have to wait for the really good weather to go outside – you can sit outside when it is drizzling or if it is windier than you would like. The canopy will give you enough protection to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather.

Where can you get a canopy system for your home? 

Canopies come from a number of suppliers in the UK. You will be able to select one that is right for you, as there is plenty of choice. You will need to look through all of your options and select a canopy system that goes with your home and complements the aesthetic.

Look online for reputable retailers who are able to install a canopy in your area. Ask if they have a wide choice of products and find the ones that suit you. There are many different retailers around, so don’t feel pressurised into going with the first ones you talk to. Take the time to find the canopy system that is right for you.