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Garden Furniture and Garden Maintenance

Is your garden furniture protected from the elements?

Garden furniture is quite an expensive addition to any garden especially if you want superior wooden pieces. It is important therefore that the furniture is protected from the rain, sun and ice so that it lasts for years to come.

Protecting the garden furniture starts way before winter as wooden furniture needs to be treated with a wood preserver every year. Rather than waiting until spring to do this task consider doing it before the garden furniture is packed away for the winter. A good quality wood preserver rather than wood paint will soak into the wooden furniture and protect it from the elements.

If it is not possible to move the furniture into a shed or outhouse then it really needs to be covered with a waterproof cover that is large enough to cover the furniture completely and tie at the base so that in windy weather the cover will not blow away.

As well as protecting the garden furniture it is worth looking at other items in the garden that may need to be protected. Awnings that are essential in the summer months to provide shade should ideally be removed and kept in a shed or garage as this will prolong their life no end.