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Is decking a good alternative to paving?

A question many people have when they are looking to create a living area in their garden is whether they should choose a decking area or a paved patio. There are advantages and disadvantages to both these options, so it really is a case of which suits your garden best. Decking is a popular option for those with a smaller area to cover as it is more affordable and quicker... Read More


Using the Right Fixings for your New Deck

Installing a deck should be possible for someone who is skilled in DIY – it won’t be the easiest thing you have ever done, but it should be perfectly possible with some good instructions. One of the most important things to bear in mind is the fixings you use. They should be high quality and completely fit for purpose, so that they will hold your decking and... Read More


Is Composite Decking the Right Option for you?

Composite decking is different to traditional wooden decking because it is made up of different composite materials. Composite decking might be part wood, part recycled wood, as well as other composite materials mixed in to create a versatile, sophisticated decking board that is suitable for use in many different areas. One of the main reasons why people choose composite... Read More


Decking Boards for a Beautiful Garden Deck

Garden decks are a wonderful way to help you enjoy your garden. They can make an outdoor area so much more versatile – decks can easily be fitted over uneven ground, or on a surface that is not very stable, as they can use supports to lift them up. Many UK homes makes use of decks and in many cases, they are replacing patios as a more modern option. The timber decking... Read More


Exploring the Different Types of Decking Boards

Decking in general means outdoor flooring to add more space and character to a house. Outdoor living is becoming a popular trend and lifestyle in the housing market and every house owner is beginning to add this feature to their homes in the form of patios to functional entertaining areas complete with barbecue, dining and kitchen units. The housing market taking advantage of... Read More