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Spruce up that old metal garden bench

A garden bench is a useful piece of garden furniture to have in the garden as it can stay outside in all weathers and is great if you have not got a large space for other sorts of garden furniture. They can however start to look shabby after a few years if they have not had any maintenance, but it does not take long to revitalise an old metal garden bench and give it a new lease of life.

If the bench has wooden slats which are rotten then they can be removed and replaced quite easily. New slats can be treated or painted depending on your preference.

Once the slats have been removed the metal frame can be rubbed down, removing any flaking paint that is there. A good primer needs to be applied to ensure that there is a solid base for the final paint to adhere to.

When painting the metal work, it is much easier if the frame can be suspended so that each part can be coated evenly. A specialist metal paint should be used to give a good finish and generally a single coat should be sufficient. There are a range of colours available so a colour can be chosen that fits in with other garden items.